Happy New Year? BACON

Nah. No Happy New Year for you.

Number one: this year sucks so far. Number two: it’s too late for me to wish you that. So get over it and let’s move on. It’s Jan 22nd for cryin out loud.

Stay tuned for some new reviews coming up! Kipseys will be the first one, followed by County. Get excited for those.

In the meantime, I would like to just take a moment and thank the one constant in my life: BACON. I may make this a monthly thing – where I promote a different bacon-flavored product – but I’m still undecided. There surely are enough of them out there to last me roughly two years, but I’m honestly just lazy and don’t have the self discipline I used to. However, that’s the beauty of blogging. I can do whatever I damn well please. But I digress…so for January, I would like to promote Bacon Salt to kick off 2014. Check out the link below for more details.

J&Ds Bacon SaltĀ 

If you’ve never used Bacon Salt, I highly recommend you remedy that by buying some. Now. No joke, I use Bacon Salt ALL the time. I add it to soup, gravy, ramen (YES), and grilled cheese. It’s….amazing. Take some country white bread, drizzle it with garlic olive oil, a nice shmear of butter, and sprinkle bacon salt generously. Then layer with white cheddar and grill the shit out of it in a panini press. NOMTOWN. Please note the pic below from my Instagram for proof…

I'm DaraP411. Follow me. Thanks.
I’m DaraP411. Follow me. Thanks.

The Hickory flavor is my favorite go-to, but I also just discovered they have new flavors! Applewood? Cheddar?! Jalapeno?! So maybe my year will be looking up a bit…

Best Xmas gift ever.
Best Xmas gift ever.


Hugs and Bacon,



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