Best Cocktail Bars in NYC and a $250 NightOwl Giveaway!

While I love the plethora of dining and drinking options New York City has to offer, it can also be completely overwhelming. I’m a food writer, so my area of expertise lies within the food department. But what about a nice cocktail? I happen to love a good dirty martini or an old fashioned. And living in NYC, you sometimes need a really good one to take the edge off. Maybe two.

I’ve done a fair amount of research in this department (read: drinking), and have come up with a list. Please see below. I also love recommendations so feel free to comment with your fave.

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In addition to my own list, I was recently introduced to NightOwl, an app specifically designed for nightlife. I’ve used many an app in my day for this stuff, so I only tout the ones I truly like. In celebration of the launch of NightOwl 3.0 (LINK:, I’ve partnered with them and a bunch of other awesome bloggers and writers on a $250 giveaway! See below for full roster as well as the ways to enter!


Best Cocktail Bars in NYC

  1. Employees Only – when there isn’t a wait, this place is great. I didn’t mean for that to rhyme. It’s pricey, but it’s got great vibes and a great food menu as well.
  2. Dear Irving – a speakeasy where reservations are TAKEN and encouraged. Amazing. Love this spot. It’s kinda secret, kinda sexy. I’ve gone on many a date here…even though I don’t really date. But when I do, I like this place.
  3. The Up & Up – great little spot in the West Village – dimly lit and perfect for a drink and small bites.
  4. Slowly Shirley – right next to The Happiest Hour, this secret little spot downstairs is perfect for a date or catching up with an old friend. Go for their signature cocktails.
  5. The Garrett – so there are two of these, and I didn’t even know that until recently. The one in the East Village is my preferred location, as it is way less crowded and NOT above a Five Guys. Don’t get me wrong, I am not hating on Five Guys, but the East VIllage location is also home to Dinnertable, a tiny 19-seat restaurant in the back where you have to flip a little switch that says “Flip for Food”. Make a res there and have a drink at The Garrett first. You’re very welcome.
  6. Little Branch – allow me to preface this by saying that I like it here, but it can be a pain in the dick to get into. If you don’t go early enough there might be a line, and it can get a little stuffy since it’s downstairs with few (if any) windows. I would only go during the week, never on a weekend. Good cocktails and vibe though, which is why I’m even including it.
  7. Mayahuel – so this isn’t a cocktail bar, it’s a restaurant and lounge, but it’s one of my favorite Mexican spots. Kind of dark and mysterious, and they have 100 types of tequila. Ok? That’s a lot. Their cocktails are delicious and dangerous, aka two of my favorite things. And the food is great too – I love their salsa they bring to the table with the chips. I could drink it.
  8. The Summit Bar – it might be a bit of a hike if you don’t live in Alphabet City, but it’s worth it for a cleverly crafted cocktail. I remember the first time I came here was when Jersey Shore was a big thing, and they had a drink called The Situation. It was wonderful. And that’s how long I’ve been coming here.
  9. Sweetwater Social – Downstairs is where you want to be, and you want to park yourself at the bar or on one of the couches. Bonus points for having a TV. Football season is coming up after all, and sometimes I want more than a beer while watching the Giants. #GMENMartini anyone? Let’s make that a thing.
  10. The Handy Liquor Bar – located beneath Chalk Point Kitchen (a great spot for dinner too – THOSE CARROTS OMG), the Handy is a great spot complete with old jukebox, large leather chairs, a fireplace, and games. Love the vibes in here and the cocktails are perfect too. Bonus points for being next to Black Tap as well – in case those carrots didn’t fill you up you can always grab a burger to shove in your facehole.
  11. Black Tree – Alright so it’s not a cocktail bar, but they make great cocktails. And before I wax poetic about my love for Black Tree, let me warn you that they are closing for a few months to do some work. That said, put it on your list for when they reopen (I believe in December), because everything here is wonderful: the food, the drinks, the picklebacks. And fun fact: I worked with Chef Sandy Hall to create a sandwich that was named after me last year. It may have been the proudest moment of my life.

Now..ABOUT THAT $250. I know that’s why you’re really here. All you have to do is click the entry links below and each time you take one of the actions listed (follow a blogger, DL the app, etc), you’ll be entered. The more actions you take, the more chances you have for winning. BEST OF LUCK FRIENDS.

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