Taste of Citifield 2017 – Starting Lineup

So, I’m not sure if we’ve been over this recently, but I’m a Mets fan. Born and raised in Queens, I feel like that’s pretty standard issue. Also there is my undying love for David Wright but that’s neither here nor there…

Look how lovingly he looks at me. Or maybe he’s looking at cookie DŌ..

The Taste of Citifield happened on a cold, blustery day. Touring the stadium in 20 degree weather is not exactly my idea of a good time, but when there is this insane amount of food at the end of the tunnel, I’ll grin and bear it. And Citifield is quite literally a wind tunnel. The chef talent was on site too, and they had to stop for a photo opp with Mr and Mrs. Met – I do not blame them and quickly followed suit.

The Mets also revealed a bunch of new promos for the season, including new T-shirts for Free Shirt Fridays from The 7 Line, and this awesome Noah Syndergaard Thor Bobblehead on July 22nd! First 15,000 fans get one so get your tix and get there early.

Here is the starting lineup, in no particular order. I have never been more excited to go to a Mets game in my life. If you’re a fan, you know you go for the love of the game (and the love of the food, in my case), because they break your heart every damn time. But David, if you’re reading this, you can break my heart any old time. <3

Shake Shack

Taste of Citifield 2017

  1. Shake Shack
  2. Nicoletta
  3. Box Frites
  4. Milk Bar
  5. Fuku
  6. Pat LaFrieda
  7. Catch of the Day
  8. Blue Smoke
  9. Josh Capon’s Bash Burger
  10. Dan and John’s Wings
  11. El Verano Taqueria
  12. Papa Rosso
  13. Porsche Grille
  14. Tribeca Grill
  15. Rao’s Specialty Foods
  16. Big Mozz
  17. Arancini Bros
  18. Do
  19. Bao Haus
  20. Mama’s of Corona
  21. Two Boots
  22. Daruma of Tokyo
  23. Melissa’s Fruit Cart
  24. Hain Celestial
  25. Mister Softee

Dan & John’s Wings
Bao Haus
Box Frites
Papa Rosso
Blue Smoke
Citifield Cheesesteak
Catch of the Day
Pat LaFrieda
Big Mozz



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