Dinner at: Black Tap LES

If you’re somewhat involved in the food world, and/or have seen articles about “over the top milkshakes” in NYC, chances are you’re familiar with Black Tap.

The original location is on Broome Street, opened just a few years ago. Since then, and since the induction of milkshake mania (or “crazy shakes” as they call them), Black Tap has expanded to 5 locations in Manhattan. The LES spot is pretty big in comparison to the original (which is basically an outhouse), and has plenty of large booths for you and your crazy shake-loving friends. And major bonus: they’re open til 2 am! That’s the latest of all the locations.

I visited the latest outpost recently, and of course, there was a new special shake happening that week. In collaboration with Hershey’s and in honor of National S’Mores Day (8/10), I give you the S’Mores Shake.

The thing most people don’t realize is, Black Tap was originally bestowed upon us for delicious burgers and fries. The crazy shakes went viral on Buzzfeed somewhere and all of a sudden everyone’s wetting themselves over excess sugar. Well sorry to say, but I’m not really a sweets person, so I come here for the burgers. I like the shakes for the first few sips, but then I’m ready for salt. It’s just how I operate.

The All American Burger is my favorite – lettuce, tomato, pickles, American cheese, and special sauce. This is followed closely by┬áthe Greg Norman with wagyu beef, blue cheese, arugula, and their amazing house-made buttermilk dill dressing. It’s like ranch but better. And I didn’t even know ranch COULD get better.

I tried the fried chicken sandwich too, and while the crust was fried perfectly…it was dark meat. I may get a lot of shit for this, but I can’t do dark meat. I just can’t. It’s got a slimy texture that I just can’t handle. Unless it’s a chicken leg, which I can usually get down with, but for a fried chicken sandwich…white meat. ALWAYS WHITE MEAT. So I had a few bites but I couldn’t really eat it. Disappointing, I know, because look at this thing. Massive.

Others you should try on the Black Tap menu: The Mexico City and The Old Fashioned. Pics unavailable but more of a reason to go yourself, right?

 Black Tap LES

177 Ludlow Street

Website: Black Tap NYC

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