19 Random Pics From Hotel Thrillist 2017 in Austin

Y’all know Thrillist. That really cool website where you can satisfy your cravings for all things food, travel, and culture? Oh and maybe the occasional original recipe by yours truly:


Or more original recipes by yours truly:


Sorry, this is my blog and I’ll shamelessly self-promote if I want to.

Anyway. I was in Austin a couple weeks ago for Hotel Thrillist, and it was super fun and food-filled…minus me passing out around 9:30 pm the first night. That wasn’t Thrillist’s fault though, that was all me. I can’t tell if I’m just getting old, or if I abused my body so much in the past few years that it has literally shut down and stopped taking orders? Probably a bit of both. But I digress.

Each year, Thrillist picks a new city to throw a weekend-long chain of events, and they invite people like you (and me, apparently) to join in on the fun. There were a bunch of cool things including morning coffee with Cafe Bustelo, Yoga with breakfast by Chobani, the Hotel Thrillist Feast with Don Q Rum and Bud Light, one big bar crawl with even bigger styrofoam hats, and an amazing concert with one of my favorite bands, St. Lucia. Oh and Dustin K…if you’re reading this…sup.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the Hotel Thrillist trip. I loved Austin and I’m actually going back in January! Highly recommend the W Hotel on Lavaca Street, as well as all of the below restaurants. You’re welcome.

1. This INSANE cheese pull from Lambert’s BBQ

Lambert’s BBQ

2. These people trying to find the answers to life from this big giraffe

3. This. Just…this.

Glory Hole Hotdogs

4. This whiskey inception shot from Moonshine Grill

Moonshine Grill

5. This #HotelThrillist-approved cheese drip and Deep Eddy vodka lemonade at Clive


6. This sign at the Hope Outdoor Gallery (and graffiti park)

Hope Outdoor Gallery

7. This sign that makes me giggle every damn time

Juan in a Million

8. This unreal shrimp caesar salad from Perla’s


9. This Selena mural

10. These breakfast tacos from Juan in a Million (lol)

Juan in a Million

11. This shot of St Lucia lulling me into catharsis

St. Lucia

12. This Dirty Rice from Perla’s


13. This epic collection of cowboy boots at Allen’s Boots

Allen’s Boots

14. This iconic sign from Jo’s Coffee and me pretending to feel

Jo’s Coffee

15. These…are a few of my favorite things

16. This guy from Black’s BBQ photobombing his meat at Hotel Thrillist

Black’s BBQ

17. The #HotelThrillist bar crawl aka the largest organized styrofoam hat march

18. This beautiful view of the city from Congress Ave bridge

19. This sign + Thrillist hat combo

Tommy Want Wingy

Thanks to Thrillist for including me on this epic weekend! And to all the sponsors: Bud Light, Chobani, Lyft, Don Q Rum, Deep Eddy Vodka, Cafe Bustelo, and Axe.


  1. Thanks to #19, I have the urge to watch “Tommy Boy” for the 594,210,239th time. Ha! Great photos! I hope to make it down to Austin someday…while I’m still young. Haaa. 😏 Seems like an incredible city in all aspects!

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