Brunch with Bobby Flay – This Weekend ONLY at Gato

When Bobby Flay invites you to brunch, you go to said brunch.

Ok, so he didn’t invite me personally, but he cooked up a special brunch menu for us, so I think that still puts me at the cool kids table, right? Sure. And he won’t be eating with you, but he’s doing a brunch pop up at Gato THIS WEEKEND ONLY, December 2nd and 3rd, so you SHOULD go. It was amazing.

I LOVE Gato. And not just because “gato” means cat. Bobby has a cat named Nacho, and I want our cats to get together for a play date one day. I’m not sure that it will happen but I try to stay positive.

I think Bobby is one of the best TV chefs out there. You know how some of them have a pretty face or a fun personality but no actual cooking chops? Not naming names but, that’s really not the case for Mr. Flay.

If you have the opportunity to get to Gato this weekend for brunch, DO IT. The charred beef with scrambled eggs was my absolute favorite and has been since the first time I tried it 2 years ago. I worked at The Daily Meal and Bobby was cooking for us at an event, and I remember those eggs to this day. Isn’t that crazy? Well, if you tried them, you’d probably get it. They have the perfect texture – soft scrambled and served with tomato oil toast. Unreal.

The other heavy favorite had to be the wood-fired pizza with cremini mushrooms, goat cheese, fresno chile oil and a fried egg. Those crispy, slightly blackened edges with bubbling sauce and a silky egg running through it? That’s why the term “foodporn” exists. See below for more and check out the brunch menu here.

Bloody Mary

Poached Eggs w/Crispy Serrano Ham

Almond Crusted French Toast

Charred Beef w/Soft Scrambled Eggs

Toasted Polenta Waffle w/Pistachios

Pizza with Cremini Mushrooms

Vegetarian Trio


324 Lafayette St

Website: Gato

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