Lunch (and Lasagna) at: Don Angie

When friends come into town, you gotta celebrate. Our friend Jen of @indulgenteats was visiting NYC from Hong Kong, and we braved one of the coldest damn days of the year to feast at Don Angie.

I’ve been wanting to get here for a while now, if only for that lasagna. Oh, the lasagna. I had it previously when the husband and wife chef team were cooking at Dinnertable, the teeny tiny spot in the East Village. It looks like a painting that you want to eat. Is there anything better for a blogger/Instagrammer?

The other dishes at Don Angie are no slouch either – the calamari was some of the best I’ve had, served over rice in a paella-like fashion, with tons of that delicious socarrat on the bottom. That’s the crispy bits of rice that get stuck to the pan on the bottom, FYI. So much flavor.

The space inside is bright yet warm, or maybe it was just physically warm inside and that was where my mind went. It was about 10 degrees yesterday. Maybe 15. Nothing will warm you up quite like this spread though…

If you’re someone who’s into old school red-sauce joints but also enjoys new twists on the classics, this is a really good bet. Don’t sleep on those donuts either…

Don Angie

103 Greenwich Ave

Website: Don Angie

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