Best Bottomless Brunch in NYC

First of all, I’d like to point out that this list is comprised of my own opinions as well as the opinions of friends. Why? Because I’m 35. I don’t do the bottomless brunch thing too much these days. It takes roughly 2 drinks to get me drunk, so the “bang for your buck” factor is kind of lost on me.

That said, I know a lot of people who love it. My issue with bottomless brunch is that a lot of times the drinks are watered down, the food is mediocre, or there’s an unfortunate combination of the two.

The list below was put together to try and avoid both of these problems, but don’t come crying to me if your 5th mimosa starts tasting like straight up OJ. It might, and that might mean it’s time for you to go home.

PS if anyone knows of any spots I missed that are worth adding, drop a comment below! The phone number links to the Google search for the restaurant because who calls people anymore.

Best Bottomless Brunch in NYC

  1. Boqueria – The “New York Brunch Feast” is $42 per person, and gets you unlimited mimosas and sangria (red or white), and you pick 4 items from a selection of tapas, classic brunch dishes, paella, and dessert. The whole table has to participate, strongly recommend reservations.
    53 West 19th St, New York, NY (multiple locations)
  2. Harry’s Cafe – truthfully I was shocked by this one, as Harry’s is one of my favorite steakhouses downtown, but hey, I guess there’s a market for it! You get 90 minutes of unlimited sparkling wine with purchase of an entree. The juice is sold separately, in case you want to DIY mimosa. Definitely make a reservation.
    1 Hanover Square, New York, NY
  3. Ainslie – a GORGEOUS and massive space in Williamsburg. Part beer hall, part wine bar, part pizza place. It’s delicious with great vibes. $28 for 2 hours of Unlimited Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, or “Me Last Night” (spiked iced tea) with purchase of any brunch entree. Served from 12 – 4 pm.
    76 Ainslie St, Brooklyn, NY
  4. Miss Lily’s 7A – $20 for 1 hour of unlimited bellinis, Hotsteppers (like a very spicy Bloody), or rum punch (with purchase of an entree). And PS do not sleep on the Jerk Grilled Corn with toasted coconut, mayo, and spices. 
    109 Avenue A, New York, NY
  5. Poco – heads up: it’s cash only. That’s important. $37 will get you one entree and 1.5 hours of unlimited Bloody’s, mimosas, or sangria. It gets loud and crowded, FYI, so def make a reservation. But it’s one of NYC’s longest running bottomless brunches for a reason.
    33 Avenue B, New York, NY
  6. Sotto 13 – this one is (weirdly) also $37 per person, the food is served family style (based on the # in your party), and you choose a carafe or bottle per two guests. Drinks include all the standards, as well as margaritas, champagne mules (yum), sangrias, and fuzzy navels. It’s a lot of math for me but the food and cocktail options make it worth it.
    140 West 13th St, New York, NY
  7. The Crooked Knife – $42 per person gets you one entree and unlimited Bloody’s and Mimosas for 90 minutes. That time begins at the start time of your res, and they have a 4 credit card max, FYI. I enjoy this place for the punny menu items: Christian Kale, Salmon Hayek…both twists on Eggs Benedict. Such fun!
    29 East 30th St, New York, NY
  8. The Malt House – with two locations (Greenwich Village and FiDi), $25 gets you 2 hours of unlimited Bloody Mary’s, mimosas, bellinis, and screwdrivers (with purchase of an entree). $30 gets you the “HiFi” option, with specialty cocktails like kiwi-mango mimosas.
    9 Maiden Lane, New York, NY (two locations)
  9. Baby’s All Right – if you find yourself in Williamsburg, this is a good deal. $38.99 for one entree and unlimited Bloody’s, mimosas, and Greyhounds for 90 minutes. The whole table has to participate, FYI. 
    146 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY
  10. Fonda – another Brooklyn option, but this one is in Park Slope (as well as 2 locations in Manhattan). $30 gets you an entree and 1 hour of unlimited hibiscus Rosalitas, margaritas, mimosas, Bloody’s, or beer. In the warmer weather this spot has a really cute backyard.
    434 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (multiple locations)
  11. Lido Harlem – great food here, and it’s only $16 for 2 hours of unlimited mimosas only (with purchase of an entree). Unfortunately no Bloody’s so hope everyone likes OJ. Last pour is at 3:30 pm.
    2168 Fredrick Douglass Blvd, New York, NY
  12. Pig and Khao – I love the food here SO much, just putting it out there. Most people don’t do bottomless brunch for the food but if you care at all about that and you’re into Southeast Asian flavors, you MUST try this one. $16 per person gets you unlimited mimosas for 2 hours (with flavors like lychee and mango)! They also have a self-serve bottomless draft Naragansett for $16, if beer is more your speed.
    68 Clinton St, New York, NY
  13. Randolph Beer WBURG – I love this place, mainly for the 80s vibes and delicious snacks, but if you want to get down with their boozy brunch, it’s $29 to add 90 minutes of unlimited drinks with your brunch entree. Bonus: they have a massive selection of self-serve beers on tap.
    104 South 4th St, Brooklyn, NY
  14. Carroll Place – love this little gem in the West Village! $27 gets you one entree and 2 hours of unlimited brunch drinks. Hard to beat that one. Just keep in mind you have to add $4 for the burger, and $5 for the steak and eggs. Two words: truffle pizza. Actually, any pizza.
    157 Bleecker St, New York, NY
  15. Playa Betty’s – one of the few places I’ve enjoyed for brunch on the UWS! $18 for unlimited sangria, mimosas, or bellinis for 90 minutes (with purchase of an entree or at least two tacos). Two tacos? At least give me a challenge.
    320 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY
  16. Cantina Taqueria & Tequila Bar – Only at the Lenox location, this one is $15 for 1 hour of unlimited mimosas, bloody’s or sangria (with purchase of an entree). 
    1838 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, New York, NY
  17. Anejo – this Mexican spot on the UWS offers a solid brunch deal. $47 gets you 1.5 hours of unlimited small plates and cocktails, and who doesn’t love the idea of unlimited small plates?! Supposedly the Hell’s Kitchen location serves a smaller version of the menu for $30.
    668 10th Ave, New York, NY
  18. The Flying Cock – (pause for laughter). Anyway. $21 for unlimited mimosas, Bloody’s, or bellinis for 90 minutes (with purchase of an entree). Be advised, it’s in Murray Hill. If you’re from NYC you’ll know why I call that out. For those of you who aren’t: it’s a young, rowdy crowd usually. FYI, they don’t accept reservations for small parties.
    497 3rd Ave, New York, NY
  19. Pardon My French – $34 for unlimited Bloody’s made with house-infused horseradish vodka (or mimosas) with purchase of an entree for 90 minutes.
    103 Avenue B, New York, NY
  20. La Pecora Bianca – the food here is awesome, and for an $18 add on, you get one hour of unlimited mimosas, Bloody’s, or bellinis. Try their signature pasta, the gramigna with sausage, garlic, and broccolini. And if you’re feeling more brunchy, try the baked eggs.
    1133 Broadway, New York, NY (two locations)
  21. Tartine – IF YOU LOVE BYOB, THIS ONE’S FOR YOU! Only $20 minimum per person, and at $4 for a large OJ, you can be mixing your own mimosas for cheap in no time. Especially if you go with a sweet bottle of Andre or two. Don’t lie, you know you love Andre champs! 
    253 West 11th St, New York, NY
  22. Hotel Chantelle – along with their current weekend Jazz brunch, you also have a bottomless option at this popular LES joint (with pretty outdoor garden on the roof, which is enclosed during winter). $35.92 gets you one entree and 60 minutes of unlimited brunch cocktails (mimosas, bellini’s, Bloody’s). 
    92 Ludlow St, New York, NY


  1. Calle 8 UWS 105 and broadway, coming soon 2 hour brunch, complimentary sangria!!! R&W…… Every dish 40+….

  2. il bastardo everyone gets a personal bottle…

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