My Picks for Amazon Prime Day!

If you love online shopping as much as I do, I assume you’re excited for Prime Day. Below is a list of my picks, a lot of which make great stocking stuffers for the holidays! I know I have a significant male following, so MEN LISTEN UP because your girlfriends or wives will LOVE some of those beauty products. 😉

And if you’re aging like me, you’ll appreciate the various massagers and heating pads. You’re welcome.

Happy shopping and yes these are commission links, which help prevent me from moving back into my mother’s basement. Appreciate your support.

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Ok for real, here is the list!


Laneige Lip Mask – hands down the best lip mask. Been using it for years at night before bed, and it’s a cult favorite for a reason. Link here.

They are also having a Prime Day Deal on the portable version, which I bought a few months ago and LOVE. Link here.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo – it’s a cult fave for a reason! Especially if you have fine hair like mine, you can’t wash it as much as you want to, so this is a lifesaver for in-between washes. Link here.

Dermora Eye Gel Patches – a friend of mine told me these were great and she was right. Brightens and reduces puffiness SO well. Also we love anything gold, ya know? Link here.

Paula’s Choice Resist Face Wash – I’ve been using this for a few months now and next to my original fave, Estee Lauder Soft Clean, this is my fave. I also love a pump dispenser, maybe that’s weird thing to call out but I find it to be less messy than the other styles. Link here.

First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub – I have keratosis pillaris on the backs of my arms and my legs (if you look it up, the non-derm name for this is “chicken skin” which is real cool), but this scrub definitely helps reduce the bumps. Personally I think this Crystal Peel bar is better, but that one isn’t on sale for Prime Day! *shakes fist* Link here.

Renpho Eye Massager – If you suffer from migraines like I do (esp ocular ones) or just really bad headaches, this thing is MAGICAL. It really does help and it has a light music feature, which makes you feel like you’re in a spa lol. I know it sounds weird but CANNOT RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH. It’s a great gift. Link here.

Weighted Heating Pad Neck Wrap – would you believe me if I said I’m wearing this right now as I write this?? Well I am and it’s on MEGA SALE (53% off). I have chronic neck pain issues and whenever my muscles go into spasm, I heat them with this MULTIPLE times a day and I can usually prevent it from completely pulling and ruining my life for a week. HIGHLY recommend, even one of my besties bought it and she LOVES IT. Link here.

Massage Cane – for those hard to reach spots and trigger points, this thing is super helpful for my neck and back issues. My physical therapist uses it, so that’s why I bought it, otherwise I realize it looks like a torture device. Link here.

Tushy Bidet – I’m going to be honest here, I do love this thing, but I was definitely not installing this myself. It’s supoosedly very easy, but I do not mess with plumbing. I had my super do it and he did it very quickly, which I’m sure means he thinks I’m a pathetic helpless woman but I’m a pathetic helpless woman with a clean butt. Link here.

Tripod and Selfie Stick – for the creators, here’s a great tripod/selfie stick that’s lightweight and super adjustable. It also has a remote, which is a feature I cannot live without, as a solo creator/traveler. Link here.

Dyson Cordless V11 Vacuum – I usually have to wait til Black Friday for Dyson stuff to go on sale, so if you’ve been interested in one of these bad boys, NOW IS THE TIME! This is the exact one I have and it’s a great vacuum – the thing I like best is how lightweight it is and easy to clean. Link here.

T-Fal Ultimate Jumbo Nonstick Pan – I LOVE my T-Fal pots and pans set and I just got my mom a set for Christmas last year (she is now also obsessed). The non-stick factor is beyond great for cooking and especially cleaning, I don’t have to tell you this, but it’s my favorite pan for everything and have been using it for about 7 years now (and it’s still going strong). I make my red sauce in it, pasta, anything you can think of can go in this pan. Link here.

I think that about does it. Til next time!

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