Gen Z Slang Glossary

In this reel, I decided to poke fun at the way influencers speak, specifically those of the Gen Z variety.

I’d love to say this was specific to Gen Z, but it’s not. I find myself using “literally” when it does not mean literally, all the damn time. And I am…an elderly millennial influencer who has to stretch before making TikToks. It’s a hard life but this is how the world works. No point in fighting it.

Slang has always been a thing that changes over time, but lately I find myself struggling to understand my friends when they speak to me. Especially my younger friends.

If you have the same problem and need Google translate to help you understand young people, fear not. I put together a little glossary of Gen Z/millennial terms for you.

Gen Z Slang Glossary

Bet – this essentially means “yes,” “I’m down,” or some iteration of agreement to a task. Use it in a sentence: “I’ll be there. Bet.” It’s often just a one word reply: “are you coming tonight?” “Bet!” Some say it can be used to reflect disbelief as well but I don’t have the energy to look into that.

Cap/No Cap – this means to heavily exaggerate or straight up lie, and “no cap” would mean that you are indeed not lying. Use it in a sentence: “no cap, I kind of hate the internet today.” “Oh stop cappin, you know you love it.”

Cheugy – this is a term used to describe outdated things that millennials do (or use/wear). Use it in a sentence: “aviator sunglasses are soooo cheugy omg.” It’s basically like something cringe or lame.

Drip – this refers to your outfit or your style, but in a good way. I don’t get it, but that’s what it is. Use it in a sentence: “oh I’m loving your drip rn.” Bonus lesson: “rn” is just an acronym for “right now.” You’re welcome.

Giving – this one actually bothers me on a cellular level. It’s used to describe the energy or the vibe of something, but you completely remove the word “energy” or “vibe,” making it sound like you had a stroke mid sentence. Use it in a sentence: “those shoes are giving 70’s.” “This place is giving Miami.” I hate everything about it. Some people don’t even ADD anything. They just say “wow this place is really giving.” GIVING WHAT. I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

Literally – this just does not mean literally anymore. If someone says they are “literally dying,” I assure you, they are not. When someone says they are “literally dead” after you tell them something, that, roughly translated, means “wow that’s so funny even though I’m not laughing at all.”

Say less – I was offended the first time someone said this to me. Comes off rude, no? But it basically means “I understand and agree, you don’t need to explain further, my good friend.” Use it in a sentence: “I really love pizza, wanna grab a slice or two?” “Haha, yep, say less.”

Slaps – this means something is really great. Use it in a sentence: “that pizza really slaps.”

Bussin – not gonna lie, I still don’t fully know what this means. Some people say it refers to food that is really good. Some say it refers to anything that is really good.

I think that’s enough for now. Hope your day really slaps. No cap.

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