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Lunch at: Mifune

Eater described Mifune as “one of the most important Japanese restaurants in New York to open this year”. So, naturally, I had to drop in and see why with my POC, @onehungryjew. I didn’t think Midtown East would be the spot for such a lauded restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, […]

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Dinner at: Camperdown Elm

Rarely do I make a pilgrimage to other parts of Brooklyn. It’s not that I don’t like other parts of Brooklyn, it’s just that the inter-BK travel is pretty asinine, so I usually find it too much of a hassle. I’m lazy. That said, one of my besties lives over […]

Food and Drink, Reviews

Dinner at: Boucherie

The days of outdoor dining are starting to dwindle. So if you have the chance to visit Boucherie, and sit outside, I suggest you do that. ASAP. The tables are set just far enough apart from each other so you’re not uncomfortable, and there are potted plants, flowers, and beautiful […]