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Kim Crawford Savignon Blanc Not too long ago I discovered Kim Crawford Wines, an award-winning wine from New Zealand that is both refreshing and innovative. This was the first brand of wine that I've ever seen that has an "unoaked" Chardonnay, meaning that it has all the floral notes you would expect from a Chardonnay without the lingering, heavy taste of oak. I also had the Sauvignon Blanc (2008 Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast award-winner), which was very fragrant and bright with lots of fruit notes; I could see it pairing well with fish. However, one of the main things that I enjoyed about Kim Crawford Wines was not just the wine itself, but rather the company's consumer involvement through their website. 

Aside from recipes, party planning tips and even style tips, Kim Crawford Wines has created an "Artist's Lounge" on the web to celebrate emerging artists and fans of the arts. Once you join the community, you share your thoughts and ideas, and you will be eligible to see those ideas transformed into a real piece of original artwork by one of their "Artists in Residence." Pretty cool. And not only that, there is a contest that closes soon (at the end of this month), where the person with the most inspiring piece of artwork will be chosen for a trip for two to New Zealand! Your question might be similar to mine: "why are they doing this exactly?" Because Kim Crawford Wines believes that "winemaking is truly an art…combining a passion for excellence with a vision for exploring new boundaries."

Join the community and you can still be eligible to win! If the most "art" you've ever created was a Play-doh Barbershop masterpiece in kindergarten, then pick up a bottle of Kim Crawford anyway. Perhaps you'll be inspired…

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