Holy Balls. I Love The Meatball Shop

Today was a shitty day. The sky was angry and I could only think of one thing: meatballs. That makes sense, right?

I had planned to go to the Meatball Shop for a while now, and I finally made my way over to Stanton St for some good old fashioned, Italian comfort food. Oh, and wine. Yes, that is a necessary compliment to any shitty day.

Meatball Shop 1

Maybe it's because I'm a little drunk, or maybe a little lazy…or maybe I'm amazed. In any case, I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking. Me and Ange both got the Meatball Smash – two meatballs of your choosing "smashed" with your choice of sauce and cheese on brioche bread. Mine was the traditional beef meatballs with spicy meatsauce and provolone, Ange got the spicy pork with pesto and mozzarella cheese. We also got some sides because thats how we roll: polenta and risotto. Carbo-loading time – gotta bulk up for football.

Meatball Shop smash Pesto

I mean…just look at that. The cheese on Ange's Smash defies gravity (in all seriousness, I don't know how the cheese ended up like that). Mine was just a delicious mess. It was saucy, greasy, spicy, meaty perfection. Seriously, I have had many a meatball sub in my life, but these reminded me of the sandwiches I got in Italy. They're served on brioche buns which isn't very traditional, but I kind of liked it because brioche soaks up sauce so much better than a crusty bread – not to mention it makes the sandwich a lot easier to eat. I was still kind of a greasefest when I was finished but that's because I have no shame and was kind of molesting it. It liked it.

Meatball Shop 2 
Meatballs? No. AMAZEBALLS.

One downside (and part of the reason I devoured my sandwich) was that the food took a reallyyyy long time. I mean, the people next to us sat down AFTER us and finished their food before we even got ours. I was like..are they waiting for the tomatoes to sprout? Are they using thimbles to scoop out the measurements?? GIVE ME MY BALLS DAMMIT! It was a busy night despite the weather, and it was DEF worth the wait, but still. I'm impatient and I wanted my balls.

Meatball Shop Smash pesto 2
You know you want to bite it.

Ah dessert time - ice cream sandwiches! Me and Ange tag-teamed this decision and chose the chocolate chip cookie with espresso ice cream. Other options are peanut butter cookie (my second choice), ginger snap, brownie and walnut meringue; and the ice cream options are vanilla, choc, mint and caramel (other second choice).

I loveeeee coffee ice cream. I find it refreshing. Is that weird? Probably. This was definitely not a sandwich you could bite into – but like the Smash, you just kind of have to roll up your sleeves and get in there. Crunchy, buttery cookie gently pressed onto a mound of espresso ice cream. These are life's simple pleasures, and I am here to eat them. AMEN.

Meatball Shop Ice Cream sandwich 


  1. I have wanted to go to this place for EVER! Thanks for the reminder and tastey kick-in-the-ass to get me there 🙂
    Loving what you are doing in the blog and added you to my blogroll.
    Come on over to http://www.foodiesarefun.com and enjoy!

  2. The Skinny Pig

    Thanks Heidi 🙂 I checked out your blog too – love your pics! Keep up the good work.

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  5. I travel out of Texas frequently and I must say the roads here are very, very nice for the most part. Sounds like some of you are spoiled…take a trip to some of the other states and you and your car will be glad to be back on Texas highways. With that said I do agree politics is killing our transportation department.

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