David Burke Kitchen’s Monkey Bread


Known for his whimsy and creativity, David Burke never ceases to impress me. Last week at David Burke Kitchen, I had the joy of partaking in this delicious, over the top, ridiculously gooey dessert. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Monkey Bread for Two. The pics don't do it justice but that's probably because we wolfed down half of it before I had the chance to take out my camera..

Arriving in a large tin branded with the David Burke logo is something I can only describe as a giant sticky bun with pecans, bananas, powdered sugar, caramel sauce, two scoops of vanilla ice cream and a vat (literally) of fresh whipped cream for dolloping. Yes I said dolloping.

Oh hello deliciousness

This dessert is so sinfully good that you really have to force yourself to put down the fork – concentrate, think of squid, octopus, Donatella Versace in a bathing suit – basically anything you find repulsive to get you to stop thinking about the fact that you are eating a culinary masterpiece. In other words, I urge you to go immediately.

You're welcome.




  1. Wow….When you taking me there Dara? 😉

  2. Yes,I think so,too.

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