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Williamsburg has gone through much gentrification since my move here two years ago, and yet the one thing I always felt it was lacking was good Chinese food. There’s decent Chinese food here, but nothing I have ever actually craved before. That is, until Brooklyn Wok Shop opened. I stopped by here a few weeks ago and got a pretty comprehensive tasting (read my full review on The Strong Buzz here), and I wanted to post a few of the pics here so you can see the deliciousness. Chef Edric Har and his wife Melissa run this joint, and they take a lot of pride in their food, from washing all meat and produce with filtered water to using antibiotic and hormone-free meat. The portions are generous, and did I mention the hot sauce?? Homemade my Chef Har, this spicy combination of chilies, oil, garlic and anchovies has been a recipe two years in the making, and it is seriously addictive. I’m mildly obsessed with it…if you try for yourself you will see!

Big bowl of fresh wonton soup

Yes the “Beef with Broccoli” is made with a tender cut of hangar steak, the vegetables are also crisp and fresh, not overly squishy and soggy. The noodles in all the soups are handmade by Chef Har every day, and the stock is home made as well. Two thumbs up!

Soy and cinnamon-glazed wings

Super saucy glazed wings have a good amount of heat and you can really taste the sweetness from the cinnamon. If saucy wings ain’t yo thang, I would highly recommend a fluffy pork bun instead.

Meaty pork on fluffy buns!

One of my favorites of the meal was the General Tso’s chicken. Super crispy pieces of fried chicken tossed in a tangy and spicy sauce of ginger, soy, and chilies. Perfect with the crisp pieces of broccoli and rice. I took seconds…maybe thirds…

Crunch crunch crunch...General Tsos

And lastly, the Egg Tart for dessert, which is made with a French pate sucre crust (tastes like a flaky butter cookie!), is a slightly sweet ending to a great meal.

Doesnt look like much, but really tasty

I look forward to many more meals at Brooklyn Wok Shop, and hope that they start bottling the hot sauce…

Goes. With. Everything.

Brooklyn Wok Shop

182 North 10th Street, between Bedford and Driggs


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