Artful Dinner at Geisha Table

As a food blogger who has done her share of eating around this town, I can tell you that rarely am I impressed with things like attention to detail and presentation the way I was last week at Geisha Table, where your dinner becomes art. The cozy spot on the Upper West Side next to Serafina is full of friendly faces and fresh fish, and the chefs know their way around a filet.

Not only did I get to try a lot of fish that I have never had before, but I also conquered some fears aka touched and ate a piece of a shrimp head. I. KNOW. Never thought I would do it, but it happened. Sometimes in life you just have to say “F it” and dive in with both feet, or in this case, both hands. I ripped off a few pieces and ate them – tasted kind of like a french fry. I couldn’t get into the “meat” of the head though, that would have been too much. Baby steps, baby steps.

Now in terms of fish I have had and/or thoroughly enjoy, I have to say I loved the crispy rice cake topped with spicy tuna and gold flake. Not only does it look gorgeous, but it tasted wonderful.

Beautiful AND delicious

One of the first bites we had at Geisha Table was something I have never heard of before, but it was AWESOME. It was called a “truffle sandwich” and it was layers of truffle, seaweed, sesame seeds and tuna in a triangle sandwich shape. Crunchtastic!! And the truffle flavor was perfectly balanced, and if you have had truffle before, you know that it is an easy thing to overdo. Hashtag. Yum.

Different and amazing

The sashimi plate was out of this world in terms of presentation; the flying fish sets this apart from anything I’ve ever seen from a sushi spot. This is where the shrimp heads sat (eep) alongside salmon, tuna, tuna belly, shrimp, snapper, octopus, hamachi, sardines, and scallops. I can’t say I loved everything, but that’s just my preference for fish – if it’s too fishy, I can’t really enjoy it – but the salmon and the tuna melted in my mouth like butter. Even the snapper was very fresh and the scallops were sitting on lemon slices which gave them a nice citrusy tang. Overall, A+ for presentation, but I prefer a little extra accoutrements with my fish…

Scary? Maybe a little but so cool..

Enter the sushi roll. Sushi chef Don asked me what kind of fish I like and that he would make a roll for me. Awesome! I said tuna, salmon, crab, and shrimp. So I got a roll with…tuna, salmon, crab, and shrimp. Avocado slices, cucumber and shrimp tempura gave it that extra something I was so badly craving. This sushi roll was carb-friendly too, as it was wrapped in soy paper instead of rice.


Aside from the incredibly small and uncomfortable seats, I had a great dinner at Geisha Table. Seriously the seats are these stools that swivel and the base is perhaps the size of a contemporary dinner plate. But after losing feeling in your butt, you get to focus your senses on the food. So next time, I would probably try the garlic fried rice and some of the sushi rolls which looked like works of art coming out of the kitchen; the colors were so vibrant, you couldn’t take your eyes off of them. I guess life isn’t the only thing that can imitate art..


Geisha Table

2178 Broadway (between 76th and 77th st next to Serafina)


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