Broken Face Recipe: Oreo Milk (and Cookies)

I don’t know that you can call this a “recipe”, so much as it is something I did as a child and it translates well to my needs at the moment. With 4 weeks left, I am sort of able to chew…still needs to be soft and mushy things, but it’s getting there! Exciting times ahead…

So what did I do when I was craving a stack of Oreos?? I soaked them in milk, ate them, and then drank the milk. Move over, Momofuku. Oreo milk is better than Cereal Milk. Alright I don’t know about that but you can’t hate on Oreo milk…

Prepare to meet your fate, Oreos.
Prepare to meet your fate, Oreos.

Oreo Milk (and Cookies)

1 cup of milk

2 Oreos

0 fucks (optional)

Soak for a few minutes until a little mushy, then eat them. Or mash them up in the milk and drink. Really, you’re the boss here.

This recipe is clearly very easily doubled, depending on your need for Oreos. I only had 2, and frankly I may have put in more milk than just 1 cup. I promise my other recipes are more accurately measured. Though if you need a recipe like this to be accurately measured, I’m not sure there’s much hope for you as a cook or even as a person.

The truth hurts sometimes.


(4 weeks left)

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