Chalk Point Kitchen: Your New Favorite Local Spot

Before I give you the details on Chalk Point Kitchen, allow me to make one overarching statement:

Go. And get the carrots.

Ok. Now that we’ve cleared that up. Here are the other reasons why you should get there immediately.

Chalk Point is one of those restaurants that make you feel like you can eat twelve courses and not feel guilty about it. The menu is chock (or chalk) full of market fresh vegetables and meats, all high quality and sustainable, yet still approachable. When you browse the menu, you’ll be intrigued rather than intimidated.

See below for more proof…

Local Strawberry & Herbed Mascarpone Crostini

Chalk Point_berry crostini

Fresh strawberries sit beautifully red and ripe on top of herbed mascarpone cheese. I really could have been fine if they stopped there, but the aged lavender honey and balsamic vinegar added that touch of acidity that made it pop. Loved it. I felt like I was at a fancy picnic.

Roasted Paffenroth Farms Carrots

Chalk Point carrots1

These. Carrots. I barely have words. And I’m a writer so I have to find some. Heaven? Scrumptious? Sinful? RESPLENDENT? Yes. I actually think I can use that word here and mean it. These carrots are fucking resplendent. They are topped with creamy feta, black truffle, and lemon. When they bring them to the table, the aroma of truffle wafts up and your eyes will turn into heart emojis. It’s not ok how good they are. It makes me think there’s something else in them. Like Love Potion #9 or crack. Or unicorn dust – yes that’s probably most likely.

Chef’s Special Deviled Eggs

Chalkk Point deviled eggs

I love deviled eggs. You’d have to throw these on the floor to make me not eat them. And even then, I’d consider it. The chef changes the toppings daily, so when I went, they were topped with salmon tartare. Amazing. I love the salty contrast on top of the creamy mild egg mixture with dijon aioli.

Roasted Lancaster County Organic Half Chicken

Chalk Point chicken

This chicken was so good, it actually inspired me to make a roast chicken the next day. Obviously theirs was better. Crisp skin and juicy chicken served over herbed polenta with thyme jus and crispy leeks. To be honest, the leeks were what did it for me. They had the perfect crunch and salty bite that hits you right before the buttery polenta and chicken. Great dish.


FullSizeRender (1)

I am not a big fan of mussels, to be honest. The best part for me is the sauce. If there isn’t bread present to dunk in said sauce, you might as well not even give them to me. Chalk Point’s mussels are served in a fresh turmeric and toasted coconut broth with serrano chilies, so it has a bit of heat to it. Really great combo.


FullSizeRender (4)

This cake is wonderful. It comes to the table in a thick slab of chocolate perfection, with classic vanilla icing. It then gets drizzled with warm chocolate sauce. Ok, so it gets drowned in warm chocolate sauce. Trust me, no one is complaining.

After all that, I still left and felt pretty good about myself. Chalk Point Kitchen is a popular spot for the celeb life too, so who knows, next time you could be sharing that cake with Leo.

One can dream.


Chalk Point Kitchen 

527 Broome Street

Website Reservations: Chalk Point Kitchen




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