How To: Eat Like a Food Blogger (VIDEO)

This is something that’s been plaguing me for a while. I’ve been a food blogger since 2008, and have gone up and down in my weight over the years due to my eating habits.

At my highest, I was around 145 lbs, and BEYOND unhappy with myself. I was never obese, but I was overweight for my size (I’m 5’5, relatively athletic build), and I got sick of it. I was eating all this amazing food, sure, but I realized that being happy is what matters most. So I decided to make some significant changes to my diet and start exercising more. Now, I still get to eat whatever I want, but it’s small portions.

I posted this video earlier this week and I’ve gotten some hateful comments for it. I don’t understand why I’m getting heat for not cleaning my plate anymore. Do these people want a medal for finishing food? Go enter a fucking hot dog eating contest and beat Joey Walnuts or whatever his name is (I think it’s Chestnut, actually). This is not a sprint it’s a marathon. I want to keep eating this way my entire life, and eating a 12 pound sushi burrito to the face followed by 3 whole bagel sandwiches ain’t the way to do that. Trust me.

If you feel like you’re in your best shape inside and out by eating that way, then by all means, do you. I’m jealous. But I’m saying for ME, that is not how I feel and look my best, so this is my method. It takes a lot more self control and talent to restrict yourself from devouring something delicious that’s sitting right in front of you than it does to just be a snake and swallow it whole. I promise you that. If portion control were easy, everyone would be thin and there would be a whole section of self help books titled: “How to Get Fat, Like Real Fat!” and “The Dadbod Diet”. Like…let’s recognize that, shall we? This is actually the harder thing to do.

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