It’s National Bacon Lover’s Day!

What a great day!

Let’s all take a moment and thank the social media overlords who come up with these bizarre food holidays. Gives me an excuse to celebrate one of my favorite foods (bacon, duh). Thank you, #NationalBaconLoversDay, for falling on a Sunday. Now we pray:

Photo: Joseph Spiteri Photography

I like to think of myself as the pioneer of putting bacon on everything. Way back in 2008, when I started The Skinny Pig, I was preaching it’s salty, crispy goodness from the sidelines of food blogging. Now, chefs are wrapping hot dogs with it and putting it on donuts like it’s going out of style.

But let me tell you, BACON WILL NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE.

…unless you’re a vegan or a vegetarian, then I guess it will. But I don’t play that game, so here are some of my favorite bacon shots from the past year on Instagram.

The Clancey (New York, NY)

A&E Supply Co (Brooklyn, NY)

Black Seed Bagels (New York, NY)

Anthony & Son Panini Shoppe (Brooklyn, NY)

Rachel’s Bakery (Fire Island, NY)

Club Getaway (Kent, CT)

Mark Joseph Steakhouse (New York, NY)

The Tuck Room (New York, NY)

Sugar Factory (New York, NY)

Zeppelin Hall (Jersey City, NJ)

Krave It (Queens, NY)

Primal Cut Steakhouse (New York, NY)

The Green Street (Queens, NY)

Reunion (Brooklyn, NY)

Rochelle’s (New York, NY)

Please note this is the “Skinny Pig” burger that was made in honor of my birthday. With a SHITLOAD of bacon. <3


Please check out my homie, Joe Spiteri, who took those amazing pensive burger shots of me:

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