#Baconfest at Zeppelin Hall


It’s truly what started it all.

Well, at least for me.

When I started my blog in 2008 (yes, seriously), I had a mild obsession with all things bacon. I felt like I shook a Magic 8-ball and turned it over to reveal “bacon”.

Bacon used to be just a breakfast food, served alongside the likes of pancakes and eggs. Then, I started to see it pop up in the most unexpected places. For example, did you know that bacon can make brussels sprouts taste good??

And it only went up from there. Before I knew it, there were restaurants dedicated to pork (sup, Traif and BarBacon), and entire festivals dedicated to the pig (Bacon & Beer Classic). The trend is NOT going anywhere thankfully, despite the onslaught of veganism, and yesterday, we celebrated all things bacon and pork at Zeppelin Hall in Jersey City.

Chef Franco Robazetti cooked up a wonderful feast for us, and I mean seriously a feast. He took us around the world with a plethora of pork. The bacon poutine, pork bolognese, bacon mac and cheese, and pork empanadas were amazing.

Oh, and of course, there was a bacon-wrapped tomahawk steak.

See below and if you have the chance to make it out to Zeppelin Hall before Feb 4th, do it!

Zeppelin Hall Biergarten

88 Liberty View Dr

Jersey City, NJ 07302

Website: Zeppelin Hall Biergarten

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