In Honor of #NationalPizzaDay

Let’s eat pizza.

I think that’s the best way to celebrate, isn’t it?

But, since you can’t actually pick up your computer and eat it like a pizza…I guess these photos will have to suffice. I went through my feed and grabbed the pics from every pizza place I went to and posted about since this very date, 2017. 24 pizza places, including the main image above from Covina. I’d also like to point out that that’s NOT including the drunken pizza I’ve had that I didn’t photograph. So…maybe up that total to like, 45 or 50.

Extra special shout out to Vinnie’s and Emmy Squared. Vinnie’s was my first love upon moving to Williamsburg, and Emmy is my mistress, if you will. I don’t see her as often as I see Vinnie but when I do…I make it count.

Enjoy and I hope you eat your weight in pizza today, too. Click on the images below to zoom in on all that cheesy, crusty goodness.

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