Answering Your Questions: Part I

Because I couldn’t answer all the questions from Instagram Stories’ new Questions feature, I decided to answer them here. And I mean all of them, so if you asked one, it’s on here. Pls note that the camel questions were in reference to the photo I posted from Dubai many years ago…and the photo above is me slidin’ into your DM’s. Ok actually I’m sand surfing. Great times.

Q: Did you vom hard on the camel?
A: Nope, just in the sand.

Q: I love peas. I’ve heard snow peas are the king of peas. Agree or disagree?
A: Oh, 100% agree

Q: I love your gram + blog. Do you have a podcast?
A: Funny you should ask…because I’m working on it. It’s kind of under embargo right now but if it does happen it should be pretty epic.

Q: French fries as a topping? Discuss.
A: I like this one. I think it depends on the dish in question. If you’re talking about a gyro, then YES. But I don’t like fries on pizza.

Q: Let’s say you’re on a 5-hour road trip to Maine. How many McNuggs are you eating?
A: Enough to embarrass myself.

Q: Who is your favorite instafamous cat?
A: NACHO FLAY (Bobby Flay’s cat) and Lil Bub. And Bobofancycat (ok he’s not famous but he should be)

Q: Have you done anal…with a girl? Think about it...
A: What is actually wrong with you? Like I hate everything you stand for.

Q: U always love quoting anchor man or just when people DM you misspelled words? lol
A: MUAHAHAHA I guess you’ll never know. No I’m kidding I quote Anchor Man WAY too often.

Q: Am I your bestie?
A: Yes

Q: How did you like Dubai? I went last year, one of my favorite trips.
A: So…it was a great trip but it was partially due to our circumstances. I have a friend who decided to rent this mansion on the Palm Islands and we had a chef, driver, private pool, etc. It was a huge house with roughly 15 of us and we just partied like crazy. It was INSANELY hot we went in the dead of summer – I literally couldn’t stand outside for more than 30 seconds without sweating. It was too hot to even lay out and get a tan. But it was an experience for sure – the architecture is incredible. The food…I wasn’t impressed but I’ve heard it’s gotten A LOT better since then.

Q: Why won’t you answer any of my DM’s?!
A: Well this was a good idea in theory..

Q: Will you grab a drink with me?
A: Ok…I’m so sorry fellas but I don’t date men from Instagram. I make VERY few exceptions and the reason for that is more than I’d like to explain here. You don’t want to date me anyway, I promise. I’m much more of a nightmare than it seems.

Q: What’s the meaning of life?
A: Probably has to do with bacon

Q: Have you visited Seattle or have plans to?
A: No but I want to!! Frasier is one of my all time favorite shows (don’t you laugh at me) and I’d go simply for that reason

Q: Where were you raised?
A: Queens and Manhattan. Mom lived in Queens, Dad has lived in Manhattan since I was 5/6 years old. Every weekend was spent with Dad and he did all that touristy crap with us so I’m glad I was able to get that shit out of my system early.

Q: How do you stay so thin?
A: Ah the age old question. Portion control guys. And I work out a few times a week. I SHOULD go more but I’m not one of those people who loves the gym so I do what I can. I recently discovered Orange Theory and I’m kind of obsessed with it.

Q: How tall are you?
A: I am 5’5 – I’m literally awkward even in my height. I’m not short enough to be cute and not tall enough to be hot.

Q: Who did you get your sarcasm from, your mom?
A: So actually, no. My mom has her moments of dry humor and sarcasm but I honestly developed it as a kid. I was sarcastic by the age of 8 or 9. It was a combo of books I read, TV I watched, etc. I think sarcasm was big in the 80s and 90s?

Q: R u greek?
A:ย  First off, bravo on this spelling haven’t seen that in a while (speaking of 80s/90s). Second, yes I am half-Greek (Spartan).

Q: If you weren’t food blogging (fogging) what would be second career dream?
A: Lol at “fogging” even though that’s way too close to “flogging” which is probably why it’s an unpopular term. And honestly it’s hard to say. I mean if I could make a living as a dancer/actress on Broadway I’d be about that life. That was my OG dream career.

Q: How often do you get invited to restaurants for comped meals?
A: Ummm anywhere from 10-30/week. Not an exaggeration.

Q: What’s your all time favorite place to eat in NYC?
A: NOOO TOO HARD. But ok ugh I think it’s a toss up between something like Carbone or something like JG Melon or Beatrice Inn. Pasta, burgers, steak… all day.

Q: Favorite midday quick lunch spot in NY?
A: oooo EXCELLENT question. I love Sweetgreen (sorry not sorry) but must use the app and preorder because otherwise those lines are INSANE. Falafix is a new fast casual falafel spot in the LES that’s awesome – IT’S A $5 MENU and they have EGGPLANT FRIES. Oh and Local Leaf too – BIG fan. Their food and smoothies are delicious.

Q: What made you vomit?
A: The dune bashing in Dubai. Riding around in a jeep going up and down a bunch of sand dunes sounds super cool and Indiana-Jones like, but in real life and in 112 degrees…I wanted to cry.

Q: What’s your bra size?ย 
A: Sigh. 34D.

Q: What’s your favorite drink?ย 
A: Whiskey on the rocks. Or when I’m tryina get my groove back and be OUT with the betches I go hard on the basic with a vodka-soda or tequila-soda. I DESPISE TONIC if you give me tonic I will hurt you.

Q: If you go on a dinner date with a guy do you judge the place he chooses based off your profession?
A: The short answer is: yes. But I’m also not going to scoff at it andย be a bitch – doing what I do, I am exposed to a lot of amazing food! So if a guy suggests a place that I don’t like or I know is kind of bland or underwhelming, I’ll just say it. Why let the guy waste his time or money? I’m trying to help YOU too brah.

That was it for now. Thanks for the Q’s guys!



  1. HA! Glad to know the camel was spared the wrath of the vom. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    And I feel ya on the height and proportions; I’m 5’6″ and 34F (UGGGGH) and I feel like an awkward walking sack of disproportionate curves about 99% of the time. Haaaa.

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