Omakase at: Sushi By Bae

Before I go into detail here, let me just say right off the bat: this was one of those experiences I’ll remember forever. 100% recommend this. Maybe even 200%.

Here’s why I feel like my review of this is very important: because I don’t LOVE sushi.

Cue gasp.

Listen. My palate was introduced to sushi at the ripe age of 20/21 or so, and even then, it was California Rolls and Spicy Tuna. Now, after all my years of blogging and writing, I have had MANY sushi and omakase experiences, which has opened my eyes and my taste for it. All that said, I am still VERY picky about it and sensitive to flavors – if something is too fishy, I will literally have trouble swallowing it. Or uni…don’t get me started. I can’t do it.

So…the fact that I left Sushi By Bae with friggin stars in my eyes says A LOT about Chef Oona Tempest and her skills. Not only is she a total badass lady chef (she’s 25!), she’s also a lovely person to talk to, and she makes sure that you are enjoying yourself and not wasting too much time taking photos (sorry Oona). #foodbloggerproblems.

Everyone asked me what made this omakase so different and I’m going to say that it was the creativity. The small touches that go a long way with something as simple as a piece of sushi; a pinch of fresh ginger here, or a drop of homemade plum jelly there – that was what made the flavors so unique and delicious. The fish was incredibly fresh on it’s own, don’t get me wrong, but everything was executed so perfectly. It really turned it into something special and something that you know you can’t find elsewhere. I felt lucky to be there.

Oona isn’t in town all that much, so when she is, I suggest you make a reservation ASAP if you love a brilliant omakase. And if you don’t love omakase, you will now.

And one last note: for those of you who are familiar with Sushi By Bou by Chef David Bouhadana, this is sort of a “sister pop-up” when Oona is here. It’s the same set up with 4-8 seatings, but it’s a slightly longer, 90 min omakase.

Sushi By Bae (at the Jue Lan Club)

49A West 20th St (2nd floor)

Website: Sushi By Bou/Bae

You must text for a reservation: 347-495-4221

No but really:

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