Quick Bite: Paradou Brunch

Ahh good old Sunday Funday. This often means brunch, and in this case, boozy brunch and burgers. If you’ve never been to Paradou for brunch with your friends, I highly recommend it. It’s a small place on Little West 12th in Meatpacking, with a fun atmosphere and a nice garden area in the back with a roof that opens up in the warmer months. Did I mention it’s also $29 unlimited champagne cocktails with a choice of entree?? As you can imagine, it can get crowded, so definitely make a reservation and you have to specially request the area in the back, which isn’t always guaranteed. You know what IS guaranteed though? Fun and good food. Let’s talk about that.

I dream of the burger from Paradou. It’s cooked perfectly, seasoned well, juicy, and the ciabatta bread it’s on lends the perfect crunch to this gem. The patty almost has a meatloaf texture, as it is a bit dense, but it’s so tasty and your selection of cheese ranges from gruyere to blue. I opt for blue usually but gruyere is also a solid choice. And you can get bacon on it too…drool.

Not a great pic but pics don’t do it justice anyway..

Another find at Paradou? The potato gratin. Obviously this is not a brunch for those who are looking to cut calories. There is butter in practically everything here, but you wouldn’t want it any other way.

the middle one is a tomato tatin..also quite delicious

Get to Paradou for brunch immediately. You’re welcome.



8 Little West 12th street


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