Broken Face Diet: Rice to Riches & Frozen Pizza Compresses

Happy Friday all.

I’m not doing so great over here. I have started “jaw exercises” and I’m not going to lie to you. They suck. A lot.¬†HAR HAR JAW EXERCISES WHAT CAN THAT BE.

I have to pry my mouth open, hold it there, and then ice it. This is what happens when you run out of ice. Thanks Mom. This is a special kind of torture now because we all know how much I miss pizza.

My life is sad.
My life is sad.

But guess what? I get to eat Rice to Riches!! GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST. Have we discussed this before? If we haven’t, let’s do that. It’s a RICE PUDDING BAR with different flavors (Fluent in French Toast is the best) and lots of toppings (JAM! POUND CAKE!). I fall in love every time I go.

Fluent in French Toast with pound cake, jam and whipped cream. NOMS.
Fluent in French Toast with pound cake, jam and whipped cream. NOMS.

This one below is a throwback. To when I could eat the delicious and somewhat crunchy oat crumble. It’s heaven. SIGHS.

Always jam. ALWAYS.
Always jam. ALWAYS.

And even if you don’t like rice pudding (who are you?!) you should go for the hilarious “artwork”:

so much yes
so much yes

Oh and it’s great for Snapchat too! Who doesn’t enjoy some light racial profiling? It’s all in good fun.

You can laugh, it's really ok.
You can laugh, it’s really ok.

Also I’m pretty sure the doctor didn’t say anything about icing from the inside…but it can’t hurt, right? THATS WHERE BEN & JERRYS COMES IN TOO.

We're a couple. Or a triple.
We’re a couple. Or a triple.

Take that, jaw exercises.

2 weeks left…


Rice to Riches

37 Spring St

Website: Rice to Riches

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