Best Pizza in NYC (2022)

I’ve written a few posts like this already, and I’m starting to wonder if I should even bother adding a date to it. Because at the end of the day, after all of my years eating pizza in this city, the top 5 don’t change much.

That said, there are occasionally new places that come along and blow me away, so I’ll add them here.

Outside of the top 3, the rest of the list isn’t in any particular order. I will also include what kinds of pies they are (square, classic NYC slice, brick oven, etc) and if you can eat IN or if you’re better off taking out.

Best Pizza in NYC

  1. Joe’s – classic NYC slice, perfect any time of day.
  2. Prince Street Pizza – you’ll wait during peak times but it will be 200% worth it. Get the Spicy Spring (square slice with pepperoni).
  3. L’Industrie – in Williamsburg. Honestly, one of my new faves in the hood. Like classic NY-style mixed with brick oven pizza. Try the burrata slice, it’s heaven.
  4. Paulie Gee’s – Neopolitan style, and you’ll wait a bit. Or you can try Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop in Greenpoint. The Hellboy with Mike’s Hot Honey is my fave.
  5. Ace’s Pizza – in Williamsburg, BK. Detroit style pies with a retro vibe inside. Make sure you get a side of their homemade ranch for dunking.
  6. Emily – Perfect, thin and crispy crust with amazing topping combos – try The Colony.
  7. Rosa’s – Get the Upside Down slice and don’t ask questions.
  8. Mo’s General – in Williamsburg. Really solid square pepperoni slice here but do NOT sleep on the “fried cheese” aka mozz sticks either.
  9. Rubirosa – super-thin and crispy crust. Prepare to wait, but get the Vodka Pie.
  10. Emmy Squared – Sister restaurant to Emily. Detroit style, square pie with a super cheesy crust.
  11. Una Pizza Napoletana – brick oven, rustic pie – chewy and doughy. Recently named best pizza in the world by TimeOut.
  12. Speedy Romeo – brick oven, unique/creative toppings. Try The White Album pie.
  13. Di Fara – arguably best in NYC, but you will PAY ($6 for a slice) and wait a while.
  14. Roberta’s – Neopolitan style with great outdoor space (it gets busy) – try the Bee Sting pie.
  15. Lucali – Neopolitan style, perfect crispy crust (and calzones). That’s literally it and you will wait a long while.
  16. Saverio’s – in Massapequa, LI. Neopolitan style – the Saverio’s Margherita or Alla Vodka Pie is perfect.
  17. Made in New York – square slice with pepperoni – similar to Prince Street Pizza.
  18. Patsy’s – an NYC institution with coal-oven pies.
  19. Motorino – Neopolitan style, try the brussels sprouts pie (seriously).
  20. Totonno’s – Since 1924. Thin crust, get the margherita.
  21. Milkflower – in Astoria, delicious Neopolitan style with lots of veggie options.
  22. Juliana’s – in Dumbo. That perfect, light, bubbly-charred crust.
  23. Mama’s Too – Square pies are popular, but I truly liked the regular pie better with fresh basil and charred bottom.
  24. Ainslie – the Diavola pie with spicy salami, kalamata olives, mozz, and oregano is one of my faves. Also, it’s a gorgeous space.
  25. Ribalta – Neopolitan style pies, really light and chewy crust.
  26. L&B Spumoni Gardens – Square slice, heavy on the sauce – delicious. Use the pick up window.
  27. Pasquale Jones – wood-fired pies, try the clam pie.
  28. Keste – Neopolitan, wood-fired. Great gluten-free crust too.
  29. Fornino – Neopolitan style, great chewy crust and very unique topping combos.
  30. Rizzo’s – since 1959 in Astoria, thin crust, square pie with a good sauce.
  31. Amore – in Queens, classic NYC slice that will burn the roof of your mouth if you’re not careful.
  32. Umberto’s – in Queens, Grandma pie is the move.
  33. Adrienne’s Pizza Bar – I normally dislike a lot of stuff in the Stone Street area, but the thin crust bar pies at Adrienne’s make the trip worth it. And the plethora of Patagonia outerwear.
  34. F&F Pizza – in Gowanus, BK. Sourdough crust, really unique flavor and delicious. Highly recommend.
  35. Leo – in Williamsburg, BK. Crispy sourdough crust, don’t sleep on the Caesar dressing for crust dunkage.

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